Amir Roknifard
Amir Roknifard is a cyber security professional with years of professional experience and proven track record in cyber security management and risk consulting, helping boards to better manage their cyber risk and transform their cyber security practices. He is the founder of Academician Journal that aims to close the gap between academy and InfoSec industry. He also has authored and reviewed books, published articles, and developed a master's degree program in cyber security.


Motivational is a community of people who try to give you that tiny reminder to move forward, every single day. It lives on Telegram platform with a channel ( that regular posts are shared among subscribers and features an open discussions among community.

Yet times it’s OK to lose people in your life, but never lose the inspiration and motivation for the better life you desire to have! Step forward into a brighter day and manifest a life where all of your dreams become reality and become the standout you know you are!

Have a sucess-filled day

The reality about success is, people only see the crown but they do not see the years of struggle, disappointments, failures, pain and hard work. To succeed, you must be willing to embrace your pain, the rejection, the criticisms and put in the hard work. No pain, no gain! What dream, what talents, what ideas, what special gifts do you have? Begin to work on it to make it become a reality. Be obsessive about your dream! It is possible. 

Have a Marvellous Day

A LESSON FROM OUR FINGERS – All Fingers are not in same Length, But when they Bend, all Stands Equal. Life Becomes Easy when we Bend and Adjust in all Situations. 

Have a sucess-filled day

Don’t be dejected if people refuse to help you. Refuse to be disappointed if people say no to you. Don’t get bothered by how many times you’ve been rejected. Determine to achieve great success despite people’s bad opinions of you. Whenever you face rejection, just know that you’ve been challenged to stay focused and pursue your dreams as if your life depends totally on it. Know that it is the time to be more hungry for success. It is the time to remind yourself that it is success or nothing. Be determined to be successful in your business, education, relationship and career. No matter the number of rejections you’ve received. If people refuse to help you, make up your mind to do it yourself. Albert Einstein once said I am thankful to all those who said no. Because of them, I did it myself. You will soon become so important if you don’t stop pursuing your vision despite rejections. Don’t forget that the stone which the builders refused has become the head stone of the corner.

You are that stone! You deserve success.

An unexamined life is not worth living! At this point, examine your life. Take personal inventory of your life and see how much of your time you spend on your personal development. Sometimes the weight that holds us down from flying are of our own manufacture. We stretch ourselves too thin on unnecessary things; sometimes even on things that is none of our business! It’s time to focus on you. Cut off the unnecessary things. Count out the negative people and begin to associate yourself with like-valued people. If you really want to fly, then you must let go of the weight that prevents you from flying. 

Have a sucess-filled day

I see so many people working so hard on many things in life…yet they never put forth such an effort for themselves. So sad but many do not see themselves fit or worthy for investment. Live a life that every day can bring excitement and new opportunities. Set a plan, keep taking action, remain committed to any changes, and believe in yourself. Never lose the focus on what you want in your life and be the person who will turn their dreams into a living reality

Have a Joyous day

You are exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go. It’s just a matter of taking one new step in the right direction, and another, and another. Every single thing you’ve gone through in life has all led you to the moment you’re experiencing right now. Therefore live each day fully for a better tomorrow. 

Have a sucess-filled day

Don’t lose Hope… maintain your Focus. Move at your own pace and with determination and your eyes on the ball, success will be yours. Never bother about how fast people are moving. Remember it’s not how fast you build your house but it’s how firm and strong the house will be when the storms come… You have the seal of Greatness on you so don’t settle for less. 

Have a Fabulous Day

If you’re not sure what your gift or calling in life is, ask yourself these three questions: 1- What can I do that I’m best at, with little effort on my part? 2- What is the one thing that other people associate with me? 3- I’ve listened to others connect this gift with me, so how have I used it?  When you identify your gift, you now have the opportunity to live your richest life.

If you NEVER try, you’ll NEVER fail. But then that is the ULTIMATE FAILURE! Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to look like a fool. When you get what you want, nobody cares about how many times you have failed. Get your mind right, stand up, and MOVEEEE!!!!

Go do something scary today, something that you always wanted to do but were afraid. See how you feel after overcoming your fear. Make it a habit to feel the fear and do it anyway…