Amir Roknifard
Amir Roknifard is a cyber security professional with years of professional experience and proven track record in cyber security management and risk consulting, helping boards to better manage their cyber risk and transform their cyber security practices. He is the founder of Academician Journal that aims to close the gap between academy and InfoSec industry. He also has authored and reviewed books, published articles, and developed a master's degree program in cyber security.

Mind Pulse

KPMG Cyber Challenge 2017

For the 3rd year, Cyber Security Challenge was conducted and 400+ students competed against each other in the teams of 4 people and demonstrated their skills...

KPMG Talk 2017 @ UNITEN

I had this talk at University Tenaga National (UNITEN) in Malaysia, about KPMG Cyber Security & Innovation Challenges 2017. These passionate students reminded my old days...