Amir Roknifard
Amir Roknifard is a cyber security professional with years of professional experience and proven track record in cyber security management and risk consulting, helping boards to better manage their cyber risk and transform their cyber security practices. He is the founder of Academician Journal that aims to close the gap between academy and InfoSec industry. He also has authored and reviewed books, published articles, and developed a master's degree program in cyber security.

Trustless Technology within Trust-Based Systems; A Comparative Study of the Big Four’s Approach to Blockchain Adoption and its Future Prospects

Technological developments and industrial adaptations are leading to a fundamental change in how industries and strategy function in the world today. Disruptive technologies are forcing us to reconsider the way we make decisions, and the models that were previously in place for delivering products and services. Blockchain in particular has demonstrated its ability to completely upend industry as we know it.

In this paper, we have reviewed the blockchain technology application in accounting industry via a comparative approach, to discuss the Big Four accounting firms and their approach to blockchain development and adoption. Read it for free: