Amir Roknifard
Amir is the founder of Academician journal and has reviewed few books in cybersecurity with more than 16 years of professional experience in cybersecurity. Over the years he has focused on cybersecurity services with a broader attitude of threat and vulnerability management, to reform cybersecurity process and procedure, helping boards to identify their risks and transform their cybersecurity practices. He has recently developed a master's degree program, M.Sc. Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, for a European university.

KPMG Cyber Challenge 2017

For the 3rd year, Cyber Security Challenge was conducted and 400+ students competed against each other in the teams of 4 people and demonstrated their skills and knowledge in solving the top rated cyber security challenges. This year the winner from Malaysia, competed against the winner from Thailand and occupied the second place in final.

This year we had a new challenge we called Cyber Security Innovation Challenge. R&D team at KPMG in Malaysia was the main coordinator for this event and students from different universities presented their ideas and concepts and amazingly, one team could find their sponsor to bring their idea to life and make their dreams come true!