Amir Roknifard
Amir is the founder of Academician journal and has reviewed few books in cybersecurity with more than 16 years of professional experience in cybersecurity. Over the years he has focused on cybersecurity services with a broader attitude of threat and vulnerability management, to reform cybersecurity process and procedure, helping boards to identify their risks and transform their cybersecurity practices. He has recently developed a master's degree program, M.Sc. Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, for a European university.


Amir ROKNIFARD, (MCSE, CCNP, CISSP, ISO27001) is a self-educated Cyber Security Solutions Architect with the focus on web-application, network and mobile security. His experience includes large enterprises such as banks and big financial institutes, CSIRT centres, governments and military sectors. 


Amir leads the Research, Development and Innovation at KPMG Malaysia and is a hobby coder and programmer that enjoys spending his time on educating people about privacy and security so that even ordinary people could have the knowledge to protect themselves. He likes automation and developed an integrated platform for Cyber Defence teams that it could take care of their day-to-day workflow from request tickets to final reports. He has accomplished many projects in governmental, military and public sectors in different countries worked for banks and other financial institutions, oil and gas and telecommunication companies. He also has hours of lecturing on IT and information security topics in his resume and reviewed several books in the realm of information technology and security.

Amir also founded the Academician Journal that aims to narrow the gap between academia and the information security industry. It tries to identify the reasons this gap occurs, analyse and address them. He picks up new ideas that are possibly able to solve the problems of tomorrow and develops them.