Amir Roknifard
Amir is the founder of Academician journal and has reviewed few books in cybersecurity with more than 16 years of professional experience in cybersecurity. Over the years he has focused on cybersecurity services with a broader attitude of threat and vulnerability management, to reform cybersecurity process and procedure, helping boards to identify their risks and transform their cybersecurity practices. He has recently developed a master's degree program, M.Sc. Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, for a European university.

A flashback to the past, reviewing a book not in security!

It is quite a long time that I really wanted to do something new in networking. Ever since I got my hands tied with security, I couldn’t just focus on networking purely. And I love networking! So, the opportunity came along my way, Packt generously offered me something I really wished for a very long time: touching networking again. And this time, by reviewing a book, authored by Harpreet Singh.

This book is targeted at network designers and IT engineers who are involved in designing, configuring, and operating enterprise networks and are in taking decisions to make the necessary network changes to meet newer business needs such as evaluating new technology choices, enterprise growth, and adding new services on the network. The reader is expected to have a general understanding of the fundamentals of networking, including the OSI stack and IP addressing.